Unit Seating and Beams Range

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At Poplar Products, we offer a large range of unit seating and beams for businesses that need to provide modular seating and chairs that are fixed in position, either exclusively as seating or focused around a central table. Our clients come from many different sectors, and the unit seating is used in communal foyers, reception areas and transport hubs such as railway stations or airports and many more sectors.

The main advantage of unit seating and fixed beam furniture is that it allows businesses to meticulously plan their floor area to ensure that furniture cannot be easily moved. This is highly important in public places where clear walkthroughs need to be maintained and health and safety considerations are high.

Attention to detail and superior quality standards are high on our list of priorities. We recognise that businesses need unit seating and chairs that will withstand significant use and that all functional aspects of unit seating are fully factored. This includes ensuring that they are resistant to vandalism and damage, that maintenance is minimal and that security is considered - seating beams do not have hidden recesses where items could be left. Concourse beam and unit seating can be purchased with luggage tables, ensuring that travellers keep their belongings close to them at all times, while not obstructing walk ways.

We use high quality materials and the majority of our unit seating products are made from welded metal frames that do not have screws or bolts that can become dislodged through repeated use. Seating and chairs are available in high performance plastic, wood or upholstered and padded. Tables are finished in birch veneer that again requires little to no maintenance and can be easily wiped clean.

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