Cafe Furniture Range

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In the United Kingdom, the cafe culture has exploded in the last few decades and here at Poplar Products, we have been providing some of the most stunning, yet highly affordable cafe furniture since 1949.

We recognise that those that own cafes, restaurants, pubs, juice bars or in fact any establishment that caters for the public, want to create a welcoming place that exudes class. Key to inviting and retaining customers is having the latest and most comfortable furniture.

We believe our cafe furniture range achieves this on many levels. In design terms, our furniture range covers all tastes and attention to detail is high on all seating and chairs we distribute. We've worked hard to ensure that not only the aesthetic value is high, but that functionality is fully considered. The quality of our seating and chairs is second to none, to ensure that the commercial furniture withstands heavy use and we have considered critical issues such as easy to clean furniture, lightweight yet durable seating and the need to be able to move, stack and store furniture. This is particularly important to any cafe or eatery that needs to bring their furniture inside the premises at the end of a busy day.

Our seats and chairs complement our range of tables and stools, allowing business owners to fully kit out their premises with stylish furniture that works collectively to build their brand and most importantly, to invite customers into their premises.

Please call us directly on 0113 273 2288 to see how our cafe furniture can help transform your premises into a beautifully welcoming environment to draw in and retain customers.