Stools Range

Please find listed below our full list of products in the Stools Range. Click on your desired product to view a larger image of that product.

Illustrated below are some of the stools we currently distribute, simply click on any stool to view more detailed images.

We believe that our selection of stools covers most tastes and finishes and we are proud to be able to offer all our seating at highly competitive prices to our many customers both in the commercial sector. For any restaurant, bar, pub, cafe or other commercial setting, we offer further economies of scale by heavily discounting bulk order for all our stools.

The stools range covers all styles, from contemporary to modern and right through to urban chic. The wooden legged Clarke stool is the most traditional design and comes with sturdy design to withstand daily use and is richly upholstered. Moving through the range, we offer a more modern twist with the Dallas stool which is again wooden, but has a comfortable wooden back and seating.

For customers wanting to create more of an impression and ambience with their furniture, we offer aluminium stools that are available in a range of styles from the perspex bucket shape that is the Gliss stool, to faux leather stools such as the Giorgio and GoGo. For those seeking uber modern design, that offer straight edges, the HX and Warwick stools offer clean lines that add huge character and design aesthetic to any bar, pub or club.

Stools offer a significant advantage to bars or eateries, in that they offer the visiting customer significant comfort while at the bar, but are not intended to provide permanent seating. This ensures that clients cycle through quickly while orders are being placed and taken.

To discuss which range of furniture will best suit your premises, please call 0113 273 2288 to talk to our dedicated staff.