Outdoor Furniture Range

Please find listed below our full list of products in the Outdoor Furniture Range. Click on your desired product to view a larger image of that product.

At Poplar Products, we have been providing some of the most affordable outdoor furniture to both consumers and businesses since 1949. In recent years, we've experienced continued growth in demand for our outdoor furniture as the cafe culture and the British love for eating al fresco has flourished.

We believe we cater for all tastes in outdoor furniture and the majority of our selection is made from aluminium to offer many advantages including:-

  • Lightweight and mobile - essential for outdoor furniture that needs to be brought back inside the premises at the end of the day.
  • Stackable - to allow restaurants and other places to stack the outdoor chairs and tables using the minimum amount of space.
  • Easily cleaned and maintained.
  • Huge attention to detail and quality to ensure the longevity of all our outdoor tables and chairs.
  • Weather resistant to ensure they withstand being left outside.

Illustrated below is a selection of our outdoor seating and tables. Chairs can be chosen from metal backed, wood backed or upholstered in PVC rattan weave to last many years. The range of styles varies significantly with the traditionally designed Catalina selection, through to the Rattan PVC woven Dallas, Mere, Prima and Villa designs. For those seeking French chic, the Monaco recreates the outdoor seating found in Parisian cafes.

If you have need any help with any of our chairs and tables, please feel free to call us directly on 0113 273 2288.